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Dreamsavannahs Aziza Nia of Kirembo


~52% Serval

RIP 6/24/09 -7/25/10

Aziza is our special Savannah angel now, Z succumbed to dry FIP and our hearts will never be the same again.
A simply wonderful shot by Dianna Starr of Starrlight Photography!
Zee when she first arrived, making herself comfy
Always ready for play of course!
Lovely profile
Zee has a lovely face and huge ears
Santa's helper
Modelling another Christmas dress
Showing off her lovely spot pattern and long neck and legs
Lounging with Lara
Beautiful big ears
Posing on the cat tree
Snuggling with Lara and Bobo
Leaping for the feathers
Guess who, Lara?
Zee pushing off Khandi's shoulders
Snuggling with Khandi