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Joykatz Karamu Itefayo of Kirembo


25% Serval

Karamu was the first breeding queen I bought when I first decided to breed Savannahs. We spent a year after purchasing our first Savannah (a neutered F2 male, Bobo) learning about the breed before selecting Mu after meeting her mother Delenn and other Joykatz cats at a cat show in Houston, TX. Her mother was an F1 from Wagati and of course gorgeous, her father was a Serengeti male which at the time was one of the most suitable of outcrosses as the Bengal and Oriental Shorthair in the mix were balanced better and didn't overwhelm Savannah type so much. We selected Karamu for her huge upright ears and lovely face.

Mu was an insane clown from the moment she bounced out of the crate at the airport. A friend quickly named her "circus kitty" for her ability to fly through the air, do backflips and be immediately ready to jump again. Mu loved to walk on the leash too, we'd take her for walks with our beagle and we'd take her for visits to our local bar where she would greet other dogs to their amazement.

Mu gave us some wonderful kittens, and eventually was retired and went to live with one of her adult sons...they are wonderful friends and she is loved and spoiled as she deserves. We still miss her dearly here though!

Mu's daughter Kiki remained, as has now her granddaughters Thandi and Nadiya. We see our Mu in her granddaughters every day and it always makes me smile :-)