Camelottaspots Lady Katie of Kirembo

A3S (46% Serval)

Our "virtual F1"

Katie at 3 months of age...
Her first photo shoot...
Doesn't she look like a perfect princess?
She was a wonderful kitty model!
In the hotel room at the show
Hanging out in the hotel lobby
Her first cat agility run
She showed natural ability
Katie likes to hang out on shoulders and groom hair
She also loves to look gorgeous
...and ridiculous...
Katie on big brother Bobo's shoulders
Katie loves water!
All water...
Growing fast...
Katie meeting some friends at a cat show
Another friend
Showing off her spotted belly
The classic bath shot
And more bath fun...
She doesn't even mind diving down into the water!
You can see how very wet she got, the only thing she objected to was a towelling at the end!
Another hotel room, another show
I love the camouflage of Bobo and Katie here
We call this hairstyle the "Savannah Mullet"
Katie is now 16" at the shoulder but only 14lbs in weight, those long legs are deceptive
Katie hanging out with Bobo
Katie looking innocent...
...immediately above this mess!
Fetching is fun!
Grooming hair is fun too!