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Kirembo Kirabo Zarina

B3S (14% Serval)

Kiki is the kitten on the left
From the beginning she was special
...and funny like SV kittens are
Mama Mu loved to play with her babies
Those ears keep growing, she's the kitten in front
Silly Kiki face
Mu and her two girls
Kiki on the left
Princess pose
At the rear of the milk bar
Washing brother MJ's face
1st photo shoot
Just love her face
At the front of the pic, wrestling with sister Squeak
Inheriting the jumping genes from Mu
On the lap of course, she's at the bottom of the pic, with Squeak
Cuddling on the bed
Afternoon nap time
Silly Kiki
My bird!
2nd photo shoot
Cuddling with baby Jumoke