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Kirembo Amonke Amadi

BON (24.5% Serval)

Our "virtual F2"

rMonkey went to live with her sister Kessie, Hobbes, and Rob and Lisa. We miss her already, but know we get to visit regularly.
Katie just adored her baby girl
They were so cute to watch together
Wrestling with mama
Artistic sun pose..
Yes she knows how cute she is
My lap kitten
Mischief lurking...
Princess Monkey
Beautiful profile developing..
Monkey owns the humans...
Benevolent Ruler
Loves the shower like mama does..
Sinks are fun too!
Ta da!
Monkey strolling with friend Emily
Monkey on my knee...
Got it!
Nothing sweeter than a sleeping kitten...
Em and Monkey walking
Hanging out with Bobo
Helping the printer

..watch out for the ground...
...right way up..