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Kirembo Barack

CON (~14% Serval)

Our "virtual F3"

Cuddling with sister Maddie
Fight club with Maddie
Showing his moves
What's this wet stuff?
This could be fun
Attack the shower monster!
I win!
Growing nice legs and ears
Good hooding over the eyes
And a lovely puffy nose leather
Legs just keep growing
1st photo shoot
With big brother Dukie
Listen baby bro...
1st day in walking jacket
Not letting that stop him
2nd photo shoot
Feeling like a pro
Slinky boy
Catching up to Dukie in size already
Looooonnnngggg legs!
Dukie on left, Baz on right
So similar, but different
There's just something great about the melanistic ones
Last cuddle with Dukie
Baz likes to play with the shower monster
Baz LOVED fishing in the little kiddie pool
Baz at Orlando airport, waiting for our luggage while going to a cat show...
Baz in a Hilton hotel where they brought him a dog bed and a cat bed (which is what he chose as a wrestle toy)
Black Santa
We even got him to wear the Santa beard for a split second!
Love his angular face
He's an elegant boy
Driving to Vegas to a veterinary conference to show them some Savannahs
Napping on the drive with his friend Khandi
In the hotel room, giving me his most seductive look
On leashes waiting for our ride to the conference
Baz and Khandi having bathtime
Kitty shower cap :-)
Snuggling with his adored Aziza and Missy
Trying out the new shark costume I found on the internet (thanks Lynn!)
More bathtime
Waiting for the printer
Lounging with his Brit pal Georgie
Baz loves these dog toys
Baz does snuggle under covers, this was one morning when I came back in and he finally decided to get up
A rare hot day in San Francisco, and Baz is exhausted...
I LOVE this shot by Helmi, it was magical to get him striding across that tiny table and get the shot in frame!
With his littermate sister Maddie
Sitting pretty for Diana Starr
I think you can see here how his legs are long but powerful still
I think you can really see how tall and elegant he is here
Sitting with Maddie to try to show the size difference between male and female littermates, Maddie is not a small cat but Baz is really quite large!
Little auntie Coco messing with his tail..
My favorite pic of Z and Baz... you could see how in love these two cats were...breaks my heart :-(
Baz made a great skeleton kitty at Halloween!
Glow in the dark!
Christmas costume time again!
Two very different Santa kitties
Hotel room in Monterey, CA...yup, landing right on top of me in bed
Walking shot, you can see how tall long and lean he is
Showing his lovely profile and long neck
Such a regal boy
Showing how long he can look!
His favorite position, snuggling in bed... well he does prefer it if his mommy is still in bed...