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DreamSavannahs Damisi Sala
of Kirembo

Born 7/25/05

Missy came to us from Tina and Julian of DreamSavannahs, she was already a year old. She adjusted amazingly well, a tribute to the excellent raising and socialization she had by Tina and Julian. My husband calls her "kittydog" because she really does act like a cross between a cat and a dog. She heels us around the house, she fetches toys like a maniac… she is completely devoted to me.

Missy is a wonderful F1 girl that is extra special for having a Savannah mommy, adding a couple extra Serval %, she is 51.5% Serval. She has huge ears and a very short tail. Her proportions are pretty perfect and her spots are absolutely black. We adore Missy, her personality is so happy. She is intense and energetic and playful, without a mean bone in her body!

Unfortunately, Missy has had to be spayed, but remains here as adored pet, and to mother all the other cats and kittens in the household..
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AmazingGrace Tathinina of Kirembo
Born 6/8/10

Nina came to us from Sandra at Amazing Grace cattery. She's so amazing in both looks and personality. She's a very special F1 as her mom is an F2 Savannah which makes Nina 62.5% Serval. Sandra did a wonderful job socializing Nina as she is so easy to handle and very loving. She has an insane personality and loves to race about with Baz and Missy, her particular toy favorites are those toys with microchips so that they squeak or chirp as she rolls about with them.



Nina has huge upright ears, wonderful face shape with a fat black nose, a very elegant neck and leggy lean body. She's growing rapidly and will be a very tall and long girl. Her tail is short and very cute because at the top it is spotted not banded like most cats' tails. It's very hard to pick a fault in Nina at all!

We are excited to see Nina develop and look forward to her eventual kittens here.

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RW TGC Kirembo Dalila Ayo
Born 10/10/13

Lila is the youngest daughter of Nadiya (retired family), her father is Zak. Like all of their progeny she has a wonderful black nose. Lila also got amazing large upright ears, deeply set eyes and a very distinctive look.

Unfortunately her show career was abruptly halted by my own difficult pregnancy hence she only attained her TGC (Triple Grand Champion). She did however earn a Regional title that year as well. The year before that she had achieved a Regional Win as Kitten (15th Best Kitten in the Mid Pacific Region) and also 2nd Best Savannah Kitten Internationally!



Lila is a very active cat, she is a bit of a toy hog and will dominate any play session, even if it is her own kittens she is bowling over. She's also very affectionate, giving head butts that make her fall over, and loving to snuggle up in bed at night along with the other cats. In short, she is a typical Savannah.

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SGC Kirembo Zarina Isoke
Born 5/22/12

Zari is the daughter of Nadiya (see above) and Zak (see below). Zari is the first SBT girl we've kept and we think her very special, right down to the little pink dot in the center of her black nose.

Zari was a fabulous show cat. We are so proud of our girl! Zari was TICA International Best Savannah Kitten of the year 2012-2013!

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Zari attained her Supreme Grand Champion title quickly after graduating to the adult championship classes. Unfortunately, just before Labor Day weekend in 2013 she suddenly sickened. It was a terrifying period for us with five blood transfusions, four rounds of chemotherapy and a number of different antibiotics and immune-modulating medications...but we managed to stabilize her condition even if we still lack a firm diagnosis. Zari has been spayed and this seems to have helped her body too. She will remain a beloved pet here as long as we can keep her healthy and happy. She will always be my special princess!a

Kirembo Barack
High Percentage C F5
Born 11/11/08

Baz is a high-percentage C F5, 14% Serval, making him a "virtual F3". He is Maddie's littermate brother. He is a neutered male pet. He's one of the rarer Savannah colorations– the melanistic Savannah. The African Serval is sometimes found in the wild in a melanistic (solid black) form, therefore the Savannah Breed accepts this pattern also.

Baz has such a lovely big, black nose and a great face shape. His profile is straight and shows that lovely triangle in that direction also. He has an angular face and a long lean body that is very elegant in appearance. He has become a very handsome boy and continues to grow. For his generation and serval % he's a very tall dramatic cat!

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Wyldthingz Zakwani of Kirembo
Born 3/17/11

Zak is our newest SBT Savannah stud, and we are very excited about him. He comes to us from Kelly Shepherd at Wyldthingz and is such a loving and social cat.

He has charmed our entire household and fitted in like he was born here.

Zak has a fabulous darkly handsome look, that big black nose and small deepset eyes with upright ears, combined with his great contrast make him an exciting upcoming stud prospect for us.

Zak has already produced some lovely kittens for us as well as our breeding partner Gattobello, and he continues to be the sweetest most loving kitty :-) Zak doesn't live with us but visits when we have a girl for him to spend time with...

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Plaidplus George Gordon of Kirembo
SBT British Shorthair

Born 3/28/08

Georgie is a TICA Supreme Grand Champion Alter and Regional Winner. He's also very cute and cuddly!

Georgie reminds us of what "normal" kitties might look like, that not all are tall and lean with big ears and insane athleticism.


Georgie was a birthday gift to me, I really wanted a "contrast kitty" and something to show in TICA shows that wasn't a new breed. It's been great fun showing him, he loves going to shows and getting all that petting and playing from judges. He's also been really useful to my Savannah program funnily enough. He is the cat that my kittens meet first after weaning from mommy. He's a great "uncle" to them, plays gently and lets them cuddle and even nurse on him if they feel needy. I take my kittens to their first show with Georgie and from him they learn that shows are fun things and nothing to be scared of. He's a wonderful cat, even if he sheds buckets all year round.

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Briarcliff Cooper
Born 4/21/01

Cooper is the token dog of the household, and most the time he's just fine about it. Beagles are pack animals, and for him we and the cats are his "pack". He's definitely at the bottom of the hierarchy though, but he doesn't really care. He's the happiest dog anyone has met.

Cooper wants to be friends wtih everyone, and so is great when we have kittens to introduce them to dogs in a positive way. He and Baz have a long-running enmity we think stemming from the fact that Cooper steals any food he can reach (thank goodness beagles can't jump!) and Baz loves food.


Cooper is a very spoiled doggy, he has visits to the chiropractor for his back issues, and an acupuncturist vet that makes home visits...plus regular vet visits to monitor his Cushing's Disease. He may be an only dog, but he has a very happy lifestyle!

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