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Youtube Clips of our Cats


  Khandi (F4B out of Katie) having fun in the bath... she was practically swimming which was a first in this household. Hard to get the bath deep enough for the adults!
This was earlier in the bathtub... Khandi just loved batting at the water stream :-)
Lara playing in the shower, it seems that Katie's girls were split into one shower fiend and one bath fiend!
More of Lara in the shower...
Lara getting completely soaked in the shower, she's so crazy about this! She is fine about getting completely soaking wet, but she hates being dried off with a towel... she's a drip dry kitty!
I'm guessing that you can see why water fountains in this house sit in trays...
Kessie, a little older, but still obsessed by the water fountain...
Finally we caved and got the kitties a wading pool and a few goldfish... and much fun was had!
Georgie, our British Shorthair Neuter, is so patient with the kittens...
Babies are such fun, especially when they discover a new cat toy!
Kessie the kitten chattering at the computer screen...
Khandi at four weeks old was such a cute little girl
Karamu, the first SV breeding female we bought here... showing how much fun a cardboard box can be.
Here is Nina, our 62.5% F1 from AmazingGrace cattery, meeting a cat toy she really was not sure about... it disturbed her enough that she sat there yelling at it!
Nina with a chirping cat toy, her favorite type of cat toy