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Kirembo Zarina Isoke

SBT (~7.5% Serval)

Such a cute baby she was!
Very distinctive from the start
We knew there was something special
..and that she had to stay...
Studying typing...
Zari and Hattie "helping" with my computer needs
No, I don't need to use my screen..
Zari adores her Uncle Georgie
Playtime with sister Kissy in the castle..
Cuddling with Kissy
The girls were growing up
Last morning before Kissy flew to Germany
Looking very grown up all of a sudden
Zari doesn't care as long as there is play involved..
Another dress for Christmas
..and another, impossible to cover her ears up properly..
Giving a Christmas guest a kiss...
First pro shoot with Tetsu, and brother Ajani
Helmi was at the same show (Annual 2012) so she visited her too!
Pro shoot with Diana Starr, this time with sister Kissy
Zari adores her Uncle Georgie..
Traveling with Zari, stretching legs in the pet area..
Zaari deciding the "fire hydrant" is a great cat perch
..terrifying the poor doggie who was more used to cats running away than wanting to sniff them...
..exploring the baggage area, waiting for the bags..
Home shoot with Starrlight Photography
Looking like the princess she is...
Georgie on left, Zari in middle and Baz on right