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AmazingGrace Tathinina of Kirembo

A1S (62.5% Serval)

Nina is very cuddly, of course not for long as she is also very busy
Perched on JN's lap
Love her profile
...and her wonderful black nose
Showing her long legs even at 4 months of age
Glam pose on the couch
that profile and neck again
She has the best of ears, set so close and so huge!
She's just so elegant
1st photo shoot here, hard to get her still
This is her calendar shot, the one that made the cover of Savannahs Illustrated Calendar 2011!
Even so, she'd lie down for a second then be off again
She likes to hang out next to my computer
showing her short tail that's partly spotted
Walking you can see her rangy body
She looks like an overgrown puppy right now!
November brought our annual christmas costume pictures... she didn't so much like the first choice
She got rid of it within seconds
The second dress she thought quite pretty though!
Posing with her best friend Baz
Do I look pretty mama?
First show...by Sunday she was exhausted
Showertime is fun, we're not sure we want to be wet but we think it exciting anyway!
Bed is fave nap spot
Hanging out with best friends Baz and Missy..
First professional photo shoot with Chanan..
She just is so gorgeous
Amazing ears and nose
Cute shot!
Even her tail is spotted...
Such an exotic look
Just chilling in my office
Legs just keep growing
Nina loves the backyard enclosure
Nice shelves to watch the insects and birdies
This picture shows just how very long and tall she is!
She's more gorgeous every day!
Such a tall lean rangy body
Long neck, perfect profile..
Notice the tail, she flicks it about almost conversationally
Overflowing the cat tree
Naptime with Missy and Baz
Hard to get her in frame nowadays!
So very long...
Tired after a good play session
Love her face, that black nose is wonderful
The ears are so very close together
She loves the bed
Perfect face shape from side as well as front
Teaching that rat toy
Nina is always bringing toys to bed, often thinking I want to throw them for her at 4am!
Nina and Baz take up half a king-size bed just themselves...sigh...
Giving me the "look of love"
Nina adores Baz
New llama toy!
We trialled the Tagg GPS unit, she removed it repeatedly every day...
Not too impressed with the Christmas costume thing..
Looking pretty out in the enclosure
Sunday strolling
Nina saw a bird on the other side of the street...
Napping with Baz again
Very very comfy kitty
Love Nina's profile!
Very unhappy with Christmas costume
LOVE this face shot!