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Our Honorary Savannah

Yes, Cooper is a beagle but most the time he thinks he's just one of the "pack"...

What an adorable puppy he was!
As you can see I was in my blue hair phase...
It was hard to be stern and teach him rules
...and he knew how darn irresistable he was!
Many outings with friends...
...hanging with JN at a beach house
On the back porch..
Tug-o-war is a favorite game
We got Bobo and Cooper at the same time and so they grew up as brothers...
...wrestling matches were a favorite activity!
Napping with the cats
Cuddling with Uncle Curtis
Karamu (retired cats ) simply adored Cooper
They'd snuggle all day
Ear cleaning is one of Cooper's favorite gifts to the kitties
At Fort Funston with his Auntie Lynn
Loving the beach walk
Christmas treat time!
Cooper gets dressed up for Xmas photo shoots too!
Would I be bad?