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Kirembo Thandiwe Zahra

COP (9.8% Serval)


Thandi is in the center of the pic, just above her sister Ginger
The kitten at the back , Thandi was a cuddler from the start
Her ears showing a little over-grooming by mama Kiki
Getting harder for them all to fit on my lap..
Those ears just kept growing
First photo shoot and it was Christmas time!
Modelling another dress
Giving a perfect look over her shoulder
Thandi in front, Aziza at back
Flying through the air just like grandma Karamu
Tackling sister Ginger midair
Perching on my back
All the better to watch the play down below
Waiting for me to sit for laptime
Thandi also enjoys the shower
Telling me how much fun it was!
Naps are so much comfier when laying on top of another kitten...
Love how she's sitting up there next to a picture of her mama Kiki on the door
Such a pretty face she has
Love the black nose and large ears
She has a lovely lean body with long neck too
"Why, mom, why?"
Squatting the heated bed
I think they're trying to say they want to come too...
Pics by Diana Starr
Princess perfect pose :-)