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Kirembo Savannahs partners with Gattobello Savannahs so that we can maximize our choices of studs. Most of the studs live down in San Diego with Kristine at Gattobello, with visits up to San Francisco to the Kirembo girls.



Nadicats Brazzaville
Born 12/3/09

Brazzi is an SBT Savannah, which means that there are only Savannahs in his three generation pedigree, this is what is considered a "purebred" by our cat registry TICA (the International Cat Association, www.tica.org). Brazzi is coowned with our sister cattery Gattobello Savannahs .

Brazzi has developed nicely...he has a lovely small eye and generous nose leather, his body is nicely proportioned and he showed decent ears before his stud jowls ruined his look. Brazzi is a super-sweet cat, which makes us so happy as we (both Kristine and I) feel that temperament is an important part of the Savannah breed.

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One of the first pics of Brazzi we got from his breeder Samantha at Nadicats
At his first show with Kristine, he was very calm and enjoyed all the attention
Brazzi likes to nurse on his own belly, like a child sucking on a thumb...here you can see his wet belly
Hanging out in Kristine's home
Flying through the air...
Lounging in front of the fireplace
Getting in the middle of the cooking..

Fusionkatz Chekandino of Kirembo
Born 9/24/08

Dino is an SBT Savannah, he has become a valuable stud for us and our sister cattery Gattobello Savannahs .

Dino has a lot of good qualities to contribute to a program. He's grown well and has a lovely warm tone to his coat. His nose is really nice and puffy and his face shape is good. He's got a rangy build to his body and a nice profile. He's a super-exceedingly sweet boy bordering on obnoxiously needy for love and affection...from people or animals. He has been producing wonderful kittens with great Savannah type but also amazing loving personalities.

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Kirembo Kalamka
Born 12/4/08

Kal is a homegrown stud out of Essie and Kashka (see on Retired Cats page), we share him with our sister cattery Gattobello Savannahs . Kal is a sweet boy that we had to wait some time to see kittens from, we'd almost given up on him at 2 and a half years of age but the kittens he produced with Kristine's F2 girl Rio were worth the wait.

Kal has a great face shape, with good ears and a nice substantial body. Carrying Kashka's genes has made him valuable to our programs and we look forward to seeing what he produces for us.

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Baby shot
Eyes were open but still wobbly on his legs
Super-sweet from babyhood
But mischievous and playful like a Savannah kitten should be!
To the right of his sister Keely
Hard to get pics at this age as they just don't want to stay still!
Naptime makes it easier to get pics... here he is in the middle of his siblings, at top is Liam of AllEarz Savannahs, and bottom is sister Keely
All ears and sweet expression
First walking jacket experience, as you can see it didn't hold him or his playmate Dino back at all!
As his current studly self, you can see the jowls have broadened his face

Summerwood Roccolittieri
Born 4/30/07

Rocco is an F5C male that came to us from Donna at Summerwood Savannahs. Although Rocco is not too striking in appearance he doesn't have any bad traits (besides poor contrast) and always throws better than himself which is wonderful. He carries for black noses which has been really lovely to see.

Rocco as a kitten at his breeder's
Nice thick tail
Showing his nice profile and neck off
Rocco had nice ears before his stud jowls ruined that look
At the 2007 TICA Annual show
Rocco has a lovely rangy leggy body