Please contact me if you are interested in one of our kittens. It would be great if you could include a short description of your household and what you are looking for.


F6 SBT Kittens

Parents: RW TGC Kirembo Dalila Ayo (Lila) and ExoticTails Neo of SavannahIsland

We have two male kittens available, dob 12-1-15. They have had two vaccinations, and been microchipped. They will be neutered before leaving here. They are available as pets for $1,800. Would consider placing as breeders in a small approved program.

Please email for more information.

This is Ben, he is a terrible toy monster like his mother! He believes human laps are but launching pads to get closer to the toys. He's also very sweet in his busy playful way. Ben has developed really nicely, his ears continue to grow and his contrast is very nice. His eyes are a good shape and his nose wide. I may keep him to show for a little bit...

This is Bill, he's also quite into playing but he's a bit of a brute. He likes to kill toys. As you can see in the comparison shot he is growing very well as his brother is not a small kitten. Bill's ears are also lovely, there's something about his face that really is so attractive, and so I am not sure if I should keep him instead. His coat texture is really thick and so has muddied his contrast for a while but I think it will clear some in his adult coat.


















Other Kitten Choices
I have a small group of Savannah Breeder friends that I feel that I can whole-heartedly recommend. I work very closely with Gattobello Savannahs. All these breeders listed below have approached cat breeding in an ethical and thoughtful manner, and are determined to breed the best type of Savannah kitten with thorough socialization.

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Available Adults
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