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Plaidplus George Gordon of Kirembo

Georgie is a TICA Supreme Grand Champion and Regional Winner British Shorthair.

He was ridiculously cute as a baby
How could we resist that face?
He just made us smile
And look, he could jump!
He loved pouncing out of playcubes
...and was very tolerant of cuddles
And how appropriate, he was spotted ;-)
Just ridiculously cute...
Wrestling with Dukie
Hey, where'd he go?
Hanging out with Kiki...hai!
He did a lot of sprawling about...
...especially on laps
And cuddled with all the cats..
Looking cute as a ladybug :-)
Looking angelic in devil wings...
Relaxing at a show...
We call this his Teletubby look... hernia repair
Gorgeous pic by Helmi
Telling me how cute he is
Love his big golden eyes
Showing how at heart he really is a Savannah!
But given a choice, the bed wins out...
Looking handsome in our garden enclosure
Georgie loves to loll about the house showing his belly, he knows we cannot resist!
Christmas card photo shoot
Grumpy Santa
A very Georgie look
Exhausted after the photo shoot
These two pictures represent the difference....
...between Brits and Savannahs!
Uncle Georgie and baby Zahra
Santa Georgie
He looks very happy...
Georgie out in the sunny enclosure
Uncle Georgie being mobbed by babies...
Santa Georgie again...