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Magazine Appearances

We've been very fortunate over the years to have had our cats featured in some magazines, we are so proud of our babies when we see them in print!
November, 2010 issue has our Maddie (Kirembo Amadi Binah) on the cover! Pic by Helmi
This is a Tetsu picture of Dino (Fusionkatz Chekandino of Kirembo)
This is a Diana Starr picture of Monkey (Kirembo Amonke Amadi)
The gorgeous centerfold pic is a Diana Starr shot as well, it is my beloved angel Aziza (DreamSavannahs Aziza Nia of Kirembo) who sadly died of dry FIP earlier this year :-(

Baz (Kirembo Barack) is the solid black Savannah striding across the back of the cover

Savannahs Illustrated was the flip issue of Bengals Illustrated, Volume 4 Number 2, 2010

In the middle of the issue, splitting the Savannah issue from the Bengals issue was a collage of Savannahs.

Two pictures of Monkey (Kirembo Amonke Amadi) are featured here.

Daffy (Kirembo Dafina Kike) was on the cover of Cat Fancy magazine, August 2009
Daffy was also the centerfold for that issue...all pictures were by Tetsu
There she is again on the left, on the right is a relative of our Katie's from Camelottaspots
Daffy is the cat at the bottom of this page, the cat at the top is Spanky, an F2 owned by Sue Bowden
This is Dino (Fusionkatz Chekandino of Kirembo), one of our current studs shared with Gattobello Savannahs
Savannahs were featured previously in their June,2007 issue
Monkey (Kirembo Amonke Amadi) got a full page picture in that issue, picture courtesy of Helmi Flick
Savannahs from Kirembo have also featured in magazines in other parts of the world....

Quatre Pattes is a pet magazine in Switzerland, they featured the Savannah in their March 2009 issue.

Tisha (Kirembo Tisha Matata) is the Savannah featured on the cover.

She's also the cat they chose for the centerfold picture too. All pictures were taken by my husband, Jean-Noel Moyne
Our Katie (Camelottaspots Lady Katie of Kirembo) is the cat lolling on the cat tree in the bottom right here.
The kitten posing prettily in the upper left is Kiki (Kirembo Kirabo Zarina)
Katie is in the two pictures at the top of this page
The kitten in the middle right of this page is Kiki rolling about playing with her toes

This is a page from the Japanese publication Cat's Catalog 2010

Featured is Dino (Fusionkatz Chekandino of Kirembo), he's the kitten sitting down in the bottom left. Pic by Tetsu

Dino is on the second page for the Savannah breed also, he's the kitten in the middle of the page

I then discovered that two of my cats were in the previous year's edition of Cat's Catalog 2009

Monkey (Kirembo Amonke Amadi) is at the top of the page, Daffy (Kirembo Dafina Kike) is the cat at the bottom of the page

In 2005 there was a lot of interest in South Africa in the Savannah, they were featured in three different pet magazines there

There was a two page article in Animal Talk, in the March 2005 issue

At the top is a picture of our pet F2 boy Bobo Dialasso, at the bottom of the page is Katie (Camelottaspots Lady Katie of Kirembo)
At the top left is Katie again, on the right is Karamu (Joykatz Karamu Itefayo of Kirembo) being walked with our beagle Cooper

Cats Life featured a paragraph in their News section in their Jan-Mar 2005 issue

The kitten playing with her toy is Katie (Camelottaspots Lady Katie of Kirembo)

The third magazine in South Africa featuring the Savannah that year was All About Cats, Issue #25 Dec 2004/Jan 2005
Katie (Camelottaspots Lady Katie of Kirembo) was again featured in this article
I know of articles in Spanish and Russian magazines featuring pictures of my cats, but haven't been able to obtain copies of them as yet :-(