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Retired Cats

These are the cats that have been in our program over the years and contributed to the pedigrees of the cats we have now in many cases...so we thought it nice to still be able to see them on our site.

Kirembo Amonke Amadi
High Percentage F4
Born 3/07/06

Monkey is the second girl to be born here. See Monkey's pedigree here.

Monkey is a B-registered high percentage F4 ( 24.5% Serval). If you want to know how she can be 4th generation and the Serval % equivalent to an F2, read about her mother Katie in the description above. Monkey has many breeds in her background (Bengal, Serengeti, Egyptian Mau, Oriental Shorthair).

Monkey has a wonderful face, long legs, and the inkiest black spots. She has her mother's playful but affectionate personality, which resulted in her sailing through a year of showing like a complete dignified princess.
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