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Dreamsavannahs Damisi Sala of Kirembo


~52% Serval

Missy has the biggest ears
...and the coolest face markings
Just look at the ocelli!
The perfect pose
She has a great body
Wonderful pattern
Huge ears
My toy!
A very short tail
Missy and Bobo love each other
They wrestle all the time
And never get tired of it

The best cat toy is the wrapping paper not the gift!

Although a bass guitar case is pretty nice as a cat bed
Missy showing her lovely body type
Missy loves bath toys
Missy (F1) and Daffy (F3)
Missy and her BFF Bobo
Playtime...Missy is funny because she always shuts her eyes leaping for the toy!
Laptime with mommy...
Got it!
Play? Please?
One of my fave pics of Missy and me...
Missy loves to go fishing..
She's quite good at it too..
Oops...what did I do?
Missy loves to drag large objects around the house, here she just dropped the large Tigger toy when she saw me..
Missy and Coco napping
Naptime with Baz, Thandi and Bobo
With her next BFF, Nina..
Missy and Baz
Missy and Bobo