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Bobo Dialasso

A2S (25% Serval)

Bobo watching goldfish
Bobo is fond of boxes
Very fond of his green down blankie
Looking gorgeous
Bobo the Super Savannah!
He has a shoe fetish...
Lying in wait...
Bobo likes to win...
His jade necklace matches his eyes
Showing of his graceful leaps
Bobo loves Cooper cleaning his ears..
Bobo loves to wrestle with the beagle...
Going in for the kill...
Winner takes the bed!
Inspecting the Christmas mess..
Sweet roundy paws
On vacation at Lake Tahoe
Just hanging out...
Naptime with Nina, Baz and Missy..
Cuddles with mommy
Silly lap pose
Loves his laptime with mommy
Loves his Missy too!