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Kirembo Amadi Binah

CON (~14% Serval)

Our "virtual F3"

Maddie and Baz were such gorgeous cute babies
With enough mischief to make them Savannahs of course!
Fight club!
Fight not bathe, mama!
Monkey attempting to keep control//
Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth
Love those mama-baby shots
Shower fun is in the genes
More cuddles with mama
1st photo shoot
What about this pose?
She looks soulful here
And of course wandering off shot
First time in walking jacket..
...doesn't hold her back one bit!
2nd photo shoot
Maddie helping JN repair the computer she broke!
Baz loves his sis
Hanging out in the hotel room...of course the flat screen TV is the best perch!
Contrary face... trouble brewing!
Sweet siblings
Maddie is fond of the lap
3rd photo shoot, she's getting the hang of this!
Cuddle time on the bed!
Maddie enjoying shower play
Cuddling with brother Baz is one of her favorite things in the world :-)
Sitting pretty for the camera
Shower caps are silly
Stretched out on the couch
Again, cuddling with Baz
Pictures taken by Diana Starr
Posing like the princess she is
Another lovely shot
Sitting with littermate brother to show the size difference we often see between boy and girl in the same litter