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Kirembo Nadiya Zahra

Kirembo Kirabo Zarina (F3B)X Kirembo Mmaneo Sudi of Gattobello (F5 SBT)


Chubby baby (foreground)
Eyes open and so cute
Ears can't stand up
Mama had groomed too assiduously and her poor ears were raw :-(
She was so patient wearing the protective e-collar
It didn't stop her playing one bit!
the "cone of shame"
Ears healed over and just waiting for the fur to grow back
Sister Kiya on the left
Kody, Coco and Nadiya
Nadiya in a relaxed moment
Nadiya is extreme cool toned and Coco is extreme warm toned...they make a nice contrast of Brown Spotted Tabbies!
Where the toy moves, the kitten heads will follow
Playing with sister Kiya
Cat tree frolics
The DVR makes a lovely heated pet bed for Nadiya
In the hotel room, of course she chooses the high bathroom shelf as the best nap location
Nadiya likes to burrow under covers for naps
Yes, get a suitcase out and they all want to come too!
Photo shoot by Helmi
A bit uncertain about what is wanted here...
Christmas photo shoot
costume change
chilling out in santa suit
making biscuits
Nadiya always finds the highest perch of the room!
Office chairs are made for this
Guarding the bed via the entry stairs..
As you can see, Nadiya doesn't believe that the no-cat-on-table rule applies to her...
...at least on Christmas Day!