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Kirembo Ajani of Epic


Owned by Diane Cardinale (Epic Savannahs) in Maine

Growing some legs early on
Such an unusual face
very distinctive look
a brooding look from his deepset eyes
Love how visible his spotted "ghost pattern" is in this pic
Such a charismatic kitten
Growing and growing some more...
chilling on the window sill with sister Hattie
destroying tissues...great fun!
If you lay on the human's arm they have no choice but to give you pets..
Looking handsome in the sun..
Tetsu photographed Zari and Ajani at the 2012 Annual
Ajani did so well, he's a confident boy!
Helmi also got to take pics of him at the 2012 TICA Annual
Cute shot with the prop...
This was his last day with sister Zari, Zari missed him so much :-(