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Kirembo Charles Babbage


Owned by Mason Perry in California

Babbage had a rough start to life, his first six months of life were spent with a multitude of vet visits, specialists, medications and procedures. All without properly working out what was wrong, yet all the while Babbage continued to grow at a rapid rate. Eventually a very minor issue was fixed and he never looked back. Babbage was then completely off meds and special diet and was able to go to a new home. Along with the medical issues, Babbage went through an accident-prone phase, busting out an upper floor window screen to fall to the ground two floors below. Fortunately he only broke one bone in one paw! Then he scalped his neck on something unknown ...it seemed every time he was getting better something else would happen! We miss him terribly but know he is very very happy in a home where he gets ALL the love and attention.
Such a good little kitten despite all we had to do to him trying to help him
Adorable pic
Growing fast despite his apparent issues
Nia, Jobs and Babbage all crowding onto the chair back
Jobs, Nia, Babbage
Nia and Babbage...you can see how he's growing fast
Nia and Babbage
Nia, Jobs and Babbage
Napping in the cat tree
Cuddling with brother Jobs
Attention please!
Beds were a favored spot, especially when he could cuddle up close to a human..
Looking handsome on my desk
First cast on his broken paw
Shaking off the first cast, it took a day to manage but he was persistent!
Second cast, he was becoming a favorite at the Emergency Vet Hospital!
Bandage after he scalped his neck
Going for a Sunday stroll...
Happy First Birthday!
First and last cat show, he hated the show but we got pics!