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Kirembo El Duque

CON (14% Serval)

Living happily with Tisha, and Adam Mueller

Next to Tisha, Dukie was our fave... there's something so indescribably precious about the melanistic Savannahs. Dukie is the first pet kitten we kept here at Kirembo and we never intended him to leave. But Tisha needed a smaller household, and she and Dukie were so bonded we decided to let them go as a pair. Kinda doubled the pain involved in them leaving, but the comfort of knowing they had each other helped too. They have a great new home and their happiness and wellbeing is what is most important to us that love them.
SVs are so helpful when typing
Always a lap pic
You can see why we fell in love so fast with that face
They were the most adorable pair
Dukie was so cute!
You can see his spots pretty clearly there
He knew he OWNED us
Such a cool kitten
Still squatting the lap
Little Prince
When the laps away, he keeps the seat warm...
Kisses for his mummy
Legs they are a-growing!
A trip to the hair stylist..
Meeting new friends
Black is hard to shoot on black!
Cuddles with his best friend Tish
Gotta play with the shower monster
Blue is a better background for a black cat
You can just see Dukie and why the black background doesn't work!
Long legs, long neck, big ears...perfect!
The black coat is so glossy and lush
Santa does Karate!
Santa Dukie
Trying to sneak up on the motion detector
...another angle...
Long legs...
...upright ears...
...and the most gorgeous eyes!
Sunlight helps to see the spots
Sun is easier to get good pics of his face too!
Mr Cool Kitty
LOVE the eye color
If it weren't for Jumoke and Tisha it would be hard to see there is a Dukie in there too!
Black on black
Color was funky here..
Halloween was fun
Those eyes...
Last photo shoot
MY toy!
Lovely boy...
...so dignified
I'll be keeping that toy...