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Kirembo Kisima of Kiwanga


Owned by Margitta Graeve (Kiwanga Savannahs) in Germany

Kissy stayed with us a few extra months to allow us to get the paperwork processed required for International travel, we got very attached to her during that time, so it's been harder to let her leave...
Kissy knew she liked laps from an early age
Looking very proud of herself working out how to climb the little ledge into the cat tree
Waiting for a lap to arrive...
The cutest little face
A lap!
Climbing on screens is also good for getting human attention
Trying to look irresistable..
Ears are growing too!
Taking up more of the lap...
Stretching on the window sill
LOVE Uncle Georgie!
yet another lap time...
Waiting for lap...
...more lap..
Playing in their castle
Undercover with the "Undercover Mouse"
Kissy likes to climb into bags for naps..
..especially when the bag is hung up... part kangaroo joey?
making it hard to do anything on the computer..
Looking pretty...
...final days in our home...
Yes, the jumping put the picture at that angle..
Last days at home...