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Kirembo Scirocco

COP (8% Serval)

Living happily with Gail & Doug Emery

Scirocco is from Kiki's first litter, sired by our F5C stud Rocco. He was the most precocious kitten, usually we find the female kittens are the first to do everything but in this litter Scirocco proved that wrong!

Comment from his new "mommy" around Christmas was: "

 He only knocked three ornaments off the tree, although he did spend quite a bit of time sitting in front if it and just tapping an ornament with his paw to see it swing back and forth.  He walked over all the packages and loved racing around the tree, so we had to be sure to leave room in the back for him to do so.  But, to his credit, he didn't try to climb the tree.  His favorite Christmas present is a feather wand and, boy, can he jump high to get it!

Attached are a couple pictures we took of him when we took him out for a "walk" in our yard a few days ago.  He knows the routine for that -- Doug puts him in his carrier, puts his jacket and leash on him, takes him outside, and then opens the carrier for him to get out.  As soon as he sees the carrier he runs to it, jumps in, and starts purring and as soon as it's opened outside he jumps out and starts exploring.  He's fascinated by bees and we have to be alert to keep him from going after them, either in the air or on the ground. "


Soon after he went to his new home, very content
Just growing up beautiful, seeing both mom and grandma in his face
Growing so well, about 6 months here..
I love how his face has developed, I see both his mama Kiki and grandma Karamu there and it makes me smile
He's growing so well, at 8 months of age he is a nice lean 11lbs, 10oz
Watching TV sports :-)
Snuggling with his mom, I love this pic!