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Kirembo Tisha Matata

CON (14% Serval)

adapting to a new life with Adam Mueller

Tisha is my favorite kitten produced here ever, it broke my heart to let her leave here. This was for her, not me, and my heart still aches for my little princess. She is very lucky to have found such a great new owner... and I have every expectations she is ruling that home and Dukie too! I will be delighted if I can produce more kittens with Tisha's type, to me she is as wonderful and says "Serval in a domestic package". No Savannah is perfect of course, but some excite us more when they come along...
Wasn't she the cutest baby?
Always the lap pic
Dukie and Tish always loved each other so strongly
A great pair
Look at how similar to her mama
Growing great legs
Lovely pattern
Ear shape is great and profile straightening
Always a Princess
Again with the lap pic
Her face is so lovely to me
Same as mama and grandma with the water
1st photo shoot
Lovely profile and you can see her great ocelli there too
Beautiful face and eyes
Lovely body and pattern
Almost always to be found with Dukie
2nd shoot and she is a complete model
Contrast, pattern all good
I love Tisha's face, I just do
And her straight profile and elegant neck
We had fun come Xmas time
As you can see the silly costumes didn't slow them down
Nothing really fazes a SV
Tisha flies!
Cluster of Santa and helpers
Tisha on the left
Tisha trying to sneak up on the Sscat motion detector
Another photo shoot
Lovely neck and look at the spots all the way down her legs
Out in the backyard enclosure
In the tree
Loving the sunshine
Yet more photo shoots
Princess pose
Dukie and Tisha in a common nap position...kinda yin and yang
Tisha the covergirl!
Napping on mummy's pillow
Tisha thought she'd stay off the stage for this final photo shoot
But couldn't resist the toy
More pics?
Showing her lovely walk